Vocabulary Title: OSMonto

DL Expressivity:AL(D)
Domain: city
OSMonto is an ontology of OpenStreetMap tags, created with the purpose to ease maintenance and overview of existing tags and to allow enriching the semantics of tags by relating them to other ontologies.The purpose of the ontology of tags is to stay as close as possible to the structure of the OSM files in order to facilitate database querying. This means that we do not try to correct any possible conceptual mistakes in the taxonomy of OSM tags, but rather have it reflected faithfully in the structure of the ontology.
Vocabulary details:
Classes 466
Object Properties 29
Data Properties 27
Individuals 0
Axioms 1217
Logical Axioms 695
TBox Axioms 695
RBox Axioms 0
ABox Axioms 0
Concept Assertions 0
Object Property Assertions 0
Data Property Assertions 0
Annotation Assertions 0
SWRL Rules 0
OWL 2 DL true
OWL 2 RL false
OWL 2 EL true
OWL 2 QL true