Vocabulary Title: PROV Ontology

DL Expressivity:ALCRIN(D)
Domain: provenance
The PROV Ontology (PROV-O) expresses the PROV Data Model using the OWL2 Web Ontology Language (OWL2). It provides a set of classes, properties, and restrictions that can be used to represent and interchange provenance information generated in different systems and under different contexts. It can also be specialized to create new classes and properties to model provenance information for different applications and domains.
Vocabulary details:
Classes 31
Object Properties 44
Data Properties 6
Individuals 4
Axioms 973
Logical Axioms 183
TBox Axioms 135
RBox Axioms 46
ABox Axioms 2
Concept Assertions 0
Object Property Assertions 2
Data Property Assertions 0
Annotation Assertions 678
SWRL Rules 0
OWL 2 DL false
OWL 2 RL false
OWL 2 EL false
OWL 2 QL false