Vocabulary Title: CaLAThe

DL Expressivity:AL
Domain: land
Thesaurus for the domain of cadastre and land administration. It provides a controlled vocabulary, which is derived mainly from the ISO/DIS 19152 Land Administration Domain Model and related to existing thesauri, primarily the GEMET thesaurus, the AGROVOC thesaurus, and the STW Thesaurus for Economics
Vocabulary details:
Classes 2
Object Properties 0
Data Properties 0
Individuals 145
Axioms 1011
Logical Axioms 145
TBox Axioms 0
RBox Axioms 0
ABox Axioms 145
Concept Assertions 145
Object Property Assertions 0
Data Property Assertions 0
Annotation Assertions 866
SWRL Rules 0
OWL 2 DL false
OWL 2 RL false
OWL 2 EL false
OWL 2 QL false