DL Expressivity:ALCHF(D)
Domain: urbanplanning
Tags: water carbon
An OWL ontology for utility infrastructure products, their attributes, mechanisms, and measures. Products span all five sectors of utilities (Water, Wastewater, Gas, Electricity, and Telecom).
Vocabulary details:
Classes 444
Object Properties 20
Data Properties 25
Individuals 118
Axioms 1658
Logical Axioms 1069
TBox Axioms 582
RBox Axioms 7
ABox Axioms 480
Concept Assertions 118
Object Property Assertions 208
Data Property Assertions 154
Annotation Assertions 159
SWRL Rules 0
OWL 2 DL false
OWL 2 RL false
OWL 2 EL false
OWL 2 QL false