DL Expressivity:ALCQ(D)
Domain: transportation
Tags: travel tourism
An ontology to model soft mobility entities with aim promoting such a way of travelling. Aspects such as duration of travelling for a kind of user (as these aspects seem questioning to many potential users) or the appealing character of some paths (promenades, for example, and particularly promenades through parks) are thus taken in account
Vocabulary details:
Classes 25
Object Properties 5
Data Properties 3
Individuals 7
Axioms 176
Logical Axioms 57
TBox Axioms 43
RBox Axioms 0
ABox Axioms 14
Concept Assertions 14
Object Property Assertions 0
Data Property Assertions 0
Annotation Assertions 82
SWRL Rules 0
OWL 2 DL true
OWL 2 RL false
OWL 2 EL false
OWL 2 QL false