The Smart City Artifacts Web Portal
This web portal provides data related to Smart City projects, open data, metadata, Smart City applications and ontologies. All data and meta data is accessible in a uniform way by browsing the data in HTML pages, or by downloading pieces of data in RDF, or by a SPARQL endpoint. It follows most best practices for data on the Web and implements part of the Linked Data Platform 1.0 specification.
Sensor data time series web service
A web service for accessing historical data from sensors deployed all over Lyon, in JSON format.
SPARQL Generate
SPARQL Generate is a language based on the standard query language SPARQL that serves to describe a transformation from arbitrary data sources and data formats to RDF, in a flexible and relatively easy way. The implementation is based on Jena and we provide a web site for documentation, for test cases, for online testing, as well as a web service.